Nillumbik Historical Society Articles articles

Machine Gun on St John’s Porch Roof

New Horticultural Hall Opening – 1887

Diamond Creek District’s First Schools

Joseph Stevenson and his Bullock Named Diamond

Brothers Who Served Their Country COVENTRY – EDMONDS – STARLING

Diamond Creek Gold Mine Fire 1915 Its Impact on the Community

Pioneer Families of Diamond Creek District STARLING & STEWART

Suffragettes of Diamond Creek and the Monster Petition

Diamond Creek’s Historic and Significant Trees

Nillumbik Rifle Club

Ellis Cottage Historical Precinct

The Real Poppy of Flanders

Herbert Family Property and the Diamond Creek Racing Club

Early Days of the Diamond Creek Op Shop Charlie Milthorpe’s Store

Hurstbridge Wattle Day 1912

Pioneer Families of Diamond Creek District WILSON

Crossing a Flooded Creek When You Need to Get to Work

The Pub with Three Names – Evelyn Arms – Halfway House – Tunnel Camp

Diamond Creek’s Hoodoo Level Crossing

Looking down Chute Street in Diamond Creek around 1915