Do You Have Local or Family History to Share?

Published Sep, 2021

This wonderful old Peppercorn tree dates from the earliest days of William Ellis's farm, and the barn houses displays, local history archives, and events

Whenever we meet and talk to people on open days or at events it is always interesting to hear about their family links and stories about how our area was when they grew up here, visited in search of family places or that they discovered they had links to the district after being drawn back a number of generations after their family moved elsewhere.

If you have stories to share with us we would like to hear them. Our collection needs your stories and recollections, photos, or if you have them, family trees and family histories.

Many in our district who went to Diamond Creek Primary School also had parents and grandparents who were students there too.

The same applies to our local sporting teams, with generations of cricketers and footballers giving their time to make sure they are successful.

Interesting articles and stories about other places are also very welcome, especially if they link back to our area.

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